VI Peel

Peel Back Time with a VI Peel

Hello Beautiful!

The fantastic VI Peel contains a synergistic blend of powerful ingredients suitable for all skin types. This peel provides dramatic results with virtually no pain, no skin preparation & little downtime.

Why wait weeks or months for results?

Enjoy radiant, younger looking skin in about a week with the VI Peel. The first 5 to purchase this service will save $75! Call now at 949-305-9912. You can also learn more about VI Peels here:

We are also offering ways in which you can banish wrinkles for less! Try Xeomin just $9 a unit. Regular price $10 a unit.

10 FREE UNITS with the purchase of 1 syringe of filler. Valid for the next 4 clients who book or November 30, 2014. That’s a $100 savings! Learn more about Xeomin. Look below at the BEFORE and AFTER photos – such a great result!



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Wake Up Beautiful Spa Digital Marketing

Wake Up Beautiful Spa Digital Makeover

Hi friends,

Wake Up Beautiful is excited about the ever-changing landscape of marketing and digital savviness, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about making the jump into the social media space.

First and foremost, we have rolled out a new and improved Wake Up Beautiful website that is both clean, modern, and highly functional for our customers to navigate and to easily book appointments online (now available!). We are looking forward to hearing your feedback, and you can even get to know all of the wonderful staff by taking a look at our “About Us” page.

In addition to a new and improved website, we are also spending more time on our social media channels, creating content and conversations with our current and potential customers. If you are on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, please stop by our pages below and connect with us. We will share special offers and discounts with our fan base, and we look forward to building relationships with you via social media in addition to our in-person conversations.



Google Plus:


If you notice on Yelp, we have a brand new commercial, and would love to hear your feedback on what you think of the new location and services. The biggest compliment we can receive is a positive Yelp review and personal referral.

We love our customers, and look forward to connecting with you on various online channels. Hope to see you soon!



Wake Up Beautiful Spa October Specials

October Specials

Hello Beautiful!

October is my birthday month and I like to celebrate all month! I can’t think of a better present than actually looking more youthful and beautiful this year than I did last. That’s why I’m having my personal favorite, as well as my best value special, this month while supplies last! I absolutely LOVE these products and credit them with helping me to maintain youthfulness. I hope you will come in and take advantage of it.

We are proud to be offering a new and effective product to fight wrinkles. Xeomin is a onabotulinumtoxinA injection product like Botox, but a different brand. It is the same product but manufactured a little different and cleaner way, producing a injectable product free of preservatives. Xeomin is part of our special this month and for a limited time we are offering it at a discount. Book an appointment and discuss with Tammy RN, BSN if this product is right for you. Click here to learn more about Xeomin.

WUB Specials

Also, We are getting a new state of the art web site! The site should launch later this month, so please check it out from time to time and feel free to email me with any questions. I may choose to answer it in the blog!

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Botox girl

Top Questions about Botox

At Wake Up Beautiful in Laguna Niguel, we get a lot of questions about Botox, and decided to dedicate another Botox blog post on the subject matter.

Is Botox an expensive habit?
Keeping wrinkles at bay is surprisingly affordable at Wake Up Beautiful. Botox is a results oriented treatment and offers an incredible bang for your buck. Our average client receives 25 units which at $10 a unit is $250. Typical results last four months, requiring just three visits a year. The treatment can be accomplished for less than maintaining your hair or a fancy annual gym membership, and you can maintain a smooth, youthful face!

There are also reward programs that you can take part in, lowering your cost each visit. And Wake Up Beautiful also offers a monthly pre pay option if you are interested in budgeting $50 a month so that you always have Botox in the bank! Call us for more information at 949-305-9912.

How often would I need Botox?
Botox studies show the results to typically last four months. Results may vary per person.

I had Botox once and my eye brows shot up, giving me a perpetual surprised or angry look. I don’t think Botox is for me!
That unfortunate result is not the fault of Botox but rather the placement of the product. It is important to see an expert when getting treatments and Tammy RN, BSN is definitely that expert. Also, it’s important to know that should you have a spiked eye brow, its a very easy fix. One or two units, expertly placed and it will return the eye brows to their correct location.

What is the difference between Botox and Filler?
Botox is a product that relaxes the muscles, preventing exaggerated expression therefore giving your face a smooth, line free appearance.

Filler is a gel type product that gives volume where it has been lost. It is literally like having a magic wand to erase age. It will erase deeper lines, crevices and even scars as well as finer lines around the mouth. It can also plump up the cheeks, lips, give your eye brow a lift and many other remarkable things. Please check out our page on filler at Wake Up to see the types of filler we offer as well as go to ,,

Hope to see you soon,


ways to wake up beautiful

3 Easy Steps to Wake Up Beautiful Every Day

1. Wake up with makeup.

Did you know that for less than $300, and an hour of time, you could have your eyes be the center of attention on you face everyday? Imagine beautifully shaped and finished brows or defined eyes with eye liner that never smudges or wears off. Permanent make up is amazing when done by the right person. It does not hurt, (minor discomfort but not painful), and it looks completely natural.

Please feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation to see my permanent makeup close and personal and to view before and after pictures of clients. Also, for more information on permanent makeup, check out our website.

2. Have inner beauty.

Women are naturally great care takers and we thrive on being needed. Whether at home or in the work place, we are always taking care of others. This is a great feminine quality as long as we don’t let it turn into guilt for taking some time to care for ourselves, too. I don’t know about you but when I became a mother it seemed to be a package deal with guilt for doing anything for myself. Resist that urge to feel guilty for taking some time for yourself and remember it’s important to get enough rest, quiet time, exercise, friend time etc., so that we have something to give away to others. There is nothing attractive about looking and feeling haggard. The old adage, “Beauty comes from within” is true!

A couple of inexpensive yet effective ways I have found to get my “me time” lately are:

  • Enjoying the great out doors! We live in such a beautiful place where there are countless places to take a walk and enjoy the peace, beauty and tranquility of our natural surroundings. Believe it or not, just taking the time to appreciate something beautiful is guaranteed to give you an emotional pick me up. And don’t worry if you only have 15 minutes or you just want to walk leisurely!
  • Enjoying a massage and quiet time. Human touch is proven to lower stress and increase endorphins. Have you checked out these “Asian massage boutiques” that are popping up everywhere? For $35 you can get an hour of quiet pampering and massage. Guaranteed to make you feel like a queen without the guilt of spending too much. There are also wonderful and effective facial and massage treatments at Wake Up Beautiful. If you are looking for a true expert in massage and skin, always at a tremendous value, look no further than with us.
  • Being purposeful in maintaining good friendships. Take the time to meet an old or a new friend for a walk, coffee or lunch. I have made a point to invest in some new and old friendships lately by just taking the opportunity to ask them first if they would like to get together. This has proven to be a most rewarding and up lifting experience.

3. Smile!

Did you know that science has proven that if you smile you will feel happier? There is nothing more attractive than happy.  We can not only change our emotions by our facial expression but likely we can change the way people respond to us, which in turn changes our experiences, all by changing our facial expressions! Be conscious of your facial expressions and be intentional about smiling more often. Even if you don’t feel it first, the feelings will take their que from your face!

Below is an excerpt from an article in Time Magazine on how the beauty treatment, Botox, can actually make you happier.

Botox may not only provide a nonsurgical face-lift — it may also lift your spirits, new research suggests.
By paralyzing the facial muscles used for frowning, Botulinum Toxin A — or Botox — prevents people from physically displaying expressions of negative emotion. Building on previous research that suggests facial expressions not only reflect but influence mood levels, the new study hypothesizes that Botox may lighten people’s moods by literally wiping the frowns off their faces. (Read “The Year in Medicine 2008: From A to Z.”)
The study, published in the March issue of theJournal of Cosmetic Dermatology, followed 25 cosmetic-surgery patients, 12 of whom received injections of Botulinum Toxin A or similar neurotoxins, the others receiving fillers, peels or other cosmetic treatments for wrinkles.
Two weeks after the treatments, the patients filled out a Hospital Anxiety and Depression test — a self-screening questionnaire for depression and anxiety. They also rated the success of their treatments.
“The Botox patients scored much lower on measures of depression, anxiety and irritability,” explains Michael Lewis, a psychology professor at the University of Cardiff and lead author of the study. “Crucially, there was no significant difference in how much their treatment made them feel attractive from those who had other treatments, suggesting that [the mood boost] wasn’t just down to a boost in self-confidence.”

To read the full article, click here.

For more information on Botox at Wake Up Beautiful please feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation with our expert, Tammy Valencia RN, BSN and also read about Botox on our website. Botox is amazingly effective and surprisingly affordable.

Make it a great week!


Botox FAQ

Botox FAQ

I have been getting a lot of questions lately about people considering Botox, so I thought I would turn it in to a Botox FAQ blog post. If you continue to have questions, please visit our medical services page or call us at 949-305-9912.

I have been thinking about getting Botox but I’m not sure. Why would you recommend it?

Botox is an amazing breakthrough in beauty. It not only erases unwanted lines and wrinkles in the face but also helps to prevent deeper lines that over time can become actual crevices! You have heard the saying by Benjamin Franklin “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” Well that certainly is applicable to Botox and wrinkles. Picture a piece of paper that you keep crinkling up and then flattening out again. The more times you crinkle it, the more permanent wrinkles it will have. When we relax the muscles in the face that are overly expressive, we prevent you from getting a line or a deeper line in that area!

I’ve heard that Botox has been used for headaches and other uses. Do you treat for headaches in your office?

Botox was used as a medical treatment before it was used cosmetically and it does have some wonderful effects for some people. I personally have had my life changed for the better by getting injections in my jaw area for chronic TMJ pain, clenching and tension headaches. I am thrilled! We do treat some medical conditions in our office with Botox and you are always welcome to come in for a complimentary consultation to discuss if we can help you with your particular concern. If we can’t or it is beyond our scope of service we will be happy to refer you on.

Hope to see you soon!


Lash Extensions FAQ

Lash Extensions FAQ

Lash extensions are a quick and easy way to get a dramatic or slightly enhanced look for your lids, whatever your preference. Below I have outlined the most frequently asked questions about eyelash extensions.

Will Lash Extensions make my own eye lashes fall out?

No, eye lash extensions will not cause long term damage to your lashes. Your own lashes are continuously falling out but you will notice them more once there is an extension attached to the natural lash. It is however important that you are careful with your extensions, being careful not to rub or use an eye lash curler on them or do anything that might cause your lashes to break. Also, placement and size/length of the extension will play a role in the health of your own lashes over time. If for some reason some of your lashes do break or fall out prematurely, this is just a temporary situation. Your lashes will grow back to their original length and fullness within about a month.

I saw someone with lash extensions that looked like doll lashes. Do they have to look so dramatic and fake?

Lash extensions come in many different lengths, widths, curls and even colors which is great because I can create a completely custom look for you depending on your goal. The lashes can range from what your lashes would look like if you were wearing mascara to something much more dramatic and special for an event. It’s all up to you! And of course me :)

I hardly have any lashes at all. Can I still get lash extensions?

I can only place an extension on an existing natural lash of yours so if you really don’t have very many lashes than individual lash extensions may not be for you. But sometimes people think that they don’t have many lashes when in fact they do but they are very short or very fair. It is best to come in for a free consultation and I will be happy to tell you what to expect should you decide to get lash extensions.

I got extensions but they all fell off within a week! I don’t think they are for me. Maybe I have the wrong body chemistry for them?

If you got lash extensions and they all fell of within a week then something went wrong with the application. Lash extension adhesive is very strong. The vast majority of lashes that fall off will be attached to one of your lashes as you go through your own natural shedding and regrowth process. If the lashes are coming off and leaving your own lash behind then there was not enough adhesive applied. You should expect your lashes to last you beautifully for 2 weeks or longer. The majority of my clients come in approximately every 3 weeks for a fill.

Have more questions? Email me at and we can chat more. Hope to see you soon!


Wake Up Beautiful Blog with owner Brandi Langley

Welcome to Wake Up Beautiful Spa

Hello, everyone!

My name is Brandi Langley, and I am the proud owner of Wake Up Beautiful in Laguna Niguel, CA. We specialize in the latest results oriented services such as permanent makeup, lash extensions, laser hair removal,  and anti-aging treatments such as IPL, Botox and fillers.

As owner of Wake Up Beautiful, I pride myself on my and my staff’s extensive experience and dedication to our craft.

I graduated from Long Beach State University in 1995, and have two lovely children, Kara and Landon. I truly love getting to come to work each day, striving to help make women feel beautiful since the launch of Wake Up Beautiful in 2001.

Please read along on my blog as I answer popular industry questions, and strive to provide resourceful information around the beauty, spa and cosmetics industries.